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Wedding Traditions

The wedding or civil partnership ceremony and the exchanging of vows and promises represents a couple's eternal and everlasting love for each other. The wedding ring or band is symbolic of this commitment.

In Pagan times in Britain the wedding was known as handfasting. The tradition of handfasting would allow couples to be betrothed for a year and a day, after this time they could agree to part without any obligation on either side. Handfasting is still practised today as an alternative wedding ceremony. Couples handfast for life and eternity.

The Ancient Celts of Britain believed that Beltane, May 1st was a very lucky day to marry. This festival day celebrates the beginning of summer and the cycle of life and re-birth. Spring fertility rites were practised at this time with many young girls falling pregnant as a result of the celebrations. However, the puritans in 1644 banned any further celebrations.


Pot pourri bag in Capri designPot pourri bag in Highland Glen design
The throwing of confetti over the married bride and groom is believed to date back to Pagan times. It was believed that by showering the couple with grain it would transfer fertility powers to their union.

Our beautifully embroidered pot pourri bags are ideal for holding confetti in the form of paper, lavender or rose petals which are now very popular at weddings.


A wedding favour is a small gift or keepsake given to guests of the wedding and also those who are unable to attend. The giving of favours was originally a European tradition but is now practised worldwide.

The original favours were sweets or pastries given in small bags or boxes. The giving of bomboniere has become international. Favours make a wonderful lasting gift and memory of the wedding.

Our gift / favour bags are available in Celtic, Floral and Christmas designs. They can all be used for sweets, pot pourri, jewellery or any small gift. We now supply our range of beautifully embroidered gift bags filled with Lavender grains.

Favour / gift bag in The Claddagh design Favour / gift bag in Lily Nouveau design Favour / gift bag in Shamrock design on a Green background Favour / gift bag in Celtic Eternity Knot design Favour / Gift bag in Poppy design Favour / Gift bag in English Lavender design Favour / Gift bag in Daffodil design

For wholesale prices and further information please contact beverley@celticglassdesigns.co.uk.

Gift Selection

All items can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal message at no extra cost.

Slimline Mirror in Rose and Lattice Design in pink

Square Mirror in Hunterian Mackintosh Small Rose Design Square Mirror in Hunterian Mackintosh Large Rose Design

Decorative Stained Glass Mirrors in Mackintosh Rose designs. Celtic Glass Designs presents Winged Heart's stunning Slimline Gift Mirrors and Square Mirrors. These significant and expressive gifts are ideal for that special wedding gift.

Slimline Mirror in Rose and Leaf Design in mauve

For the Bride and Groom

Friendship Wishing Drop in amethystFriendship Wishing Drops make a perfect gift for the Bride and Groom to wish them health, wealth, happiness and good luck. Available in amethyst, blue, kaleidoscope and rainbow colours. Label for the Friendship Wishing Drop

Like the trees in the forest, no two Tree of Life balls are identical. The range includes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and the New Beginnings Tree of Life. A handmade and unique perfect gift for that special Wedding gift.

New Beginnings Tree of Life Glass Friendship Ball Spring Tree of Life Small Glass Friendship Ball Summer Tree of Life Small Glass Friendship BallAutumn Tree of Life Small Glass Friendship BallWinter Tree of Life Small Glass Friendship Ball

To celebrate the union of a couple why not purchase from our range of Celtic glassware. Our Celtic champagne flutes are one of our most popular items to toast the health and happiness of the bride and groom. The following designs are the most popular choices of our customers.

Champagne Flutes in Celtic Heart design

We have created a fabulous Celtic Heart design (shown left) for the wedding market. The heart shape developed as a symbol of love in the Middle Ages. Our Celtic Heart is a simple design representing the endless path of eternal love with a golden gem placed at the centre of the heart. Truly a gift of the heart.

Champagne Flutes in The Claddagh design

The Claddagh (shown right) is a traditional Irish symbol. The heart expresses love, the hands friendship and the crown loyalty. It represents a token of love and became traditional during the 17th century to wear the Claddagh ring when engaged or married.

The Double Love Knot design (shown below) is based on the legend of St. Valentine, the patron saint of all lovers. The intertwined love knots symbolise lovers' never ending eternal love.

Table set with Double Love Knot glassware

Pair of Champagne Flutes with 'Eternity' in Celtic Eternity Knot design

The Eternity Knot design, shown left in a version with 'Eternity' written underneath the design, symbolises all that is eternal as in everlasting life or an eternal love/relationship. It is available on our glassware and our table linen.

We also have the Trinity Heart design, shown right, with the Trinity Knot encircled by hearts. This is available on a range of our glassware.

Pair of Champagne Flutes in Trinity Heart design
Pair of Champagne Flutes in Doves and Hearts design

Our Doves & Hearts design (shown left) available in champagne flutes and goblet makes a special symbolic gift for lovers celebrating anniversaries, civil partnerships, engagements, handfastings and weddings.

The heart represents passion and the white doves bearing the betrothal rings of love symbolize peace and hope.

The Peacock design (shown right) was a special request for a family wedding and as it has proved to be so popular we decided to make it available on the website. A perfect choice for that special celebration including anniversaries, civil partnerships and weddings.

Pair of Champagne Flutes in Peacock design

Goblet in Personalised Initials designFor that personally exclusive gift we have introduced personalised glassware and have created a hand painted goblet with personalised initials which is available with up to three stylized letters in colour choices of gold or silver. This design is a perfect choice for a wedding celebration. For a wedding gift the bride and grooms' initials can be hand painted as the image shows.

Please allow 14 days for delivery on this item.

For special commissions please contact beverley@celticglassdesigns.co.uk.

For the Bridesmaids and Brides' and Grooms' Mothers

We have a selection of exquisite jewellery and pewter items from two of the UK's leading Celtic jewellers and pewterers St. Justin and Sea Gems. These would make excellent gifts for bridesmaids and a lovely way to say “thank you” to the matron of honour.

Red Compact Mirror in Sea Gems Mackintosh Rose Teardrop Design Purple Compact Mirror in Sea Gems Mackintosh Two Roses design Purple Compact Mirror in Swirls design

Cream and Gold Photo Frame
Our beautifully crafted range of photo frames make lovely gifts for the Bridesmaids, Brides' and Grooms' Mothers.

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Celtic Glass Designs offer a range of stunning hand painted glassware and matching embroidered table linen for all occasions - Birthdays, Corporate and Special Events, Anniversaries, Weddings, Burns Night, Valentine's Day, St Davids Day, St Patricks Day, Mother's Day, Easter Sunday, May Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Andrew's Day, Christmas and Hogmanay.

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