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History of St Andrew and the Festival

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. Every year on November 30 Scotland celebrates St Andrew's Day.

St Andrew along with his brother Simon Peter were fishermen and disciples of Jesus Christ. He was crucified by the Romans and legend has it that Andrew's relics were taken to Fife, Scotland in the eighth century for safekeeping.

The Pictish King Oengus I built a monastery in what is now the town of St Andrews. The University of St Andrews was developed in the town and is the oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest university in the English speaking world.

SaltireAndrew is associated with the Saltire which is the national emblem and flag of the Scots. Legend has it that in 832 AD King Oengus II prayed to Andrew the night before a crucial battle against the Northumbrians. On the day of the battle a Saltire cross, an X appeared in the sky above the battlefield. The Picts took this as a sign from Andrew and they were subsequently victorious in battle.

He is patron of fishmongers, gout, singers, sore throats, spinsters, maidens, old maids and women wishing to become mothers.

On 30 November in Scotland and worldwide St Andrew's Day is celebrated with feasting and music in true Scottish style.

Gift Selection

All items can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal message at no extra cost.

Scottish themed tea towels make a personal and inexpensive St Andrew's Day gift. All high quality 100% cotton.

Tea Towel in Highland Cow design Tea Towel in Scottish Thistle design Tea Towel in Flower of Scotland design

To grace your table this St Andrew's Day choose from our high quality table runners in Scottish designs. Complementary table placemats, napkins and doilies available in many of these designs.

Table Runner in Glencoe Thistle design Runner in Highland Glen design Reversible Table Runner in Plaid design Runner in Highland Plaid design

For this St Andrew's Day we are able to offer the popular Alba Thistle design in certain items at a special discount:

Alba Jewellery Purse in Scottish Thistle Design Alba Placemats in Scottish Thistle Design Alba Runner in Scottish Thistle Design

Glencoe Thistle is available in embroidered cosmetic bag, doilies, table runner, napkins, jewellery purse, jewellery roll, pill box purse, spectacles case and pocket tissue holder.

Jewellery Purse in Glencoe Thistle Design Spectacles Case in Glencoe Thistle Design Pair of Small Doilies in Glencoe Thistle Design Pill Box Purse in Glencoe Thistle Design Pocket Tissue Cover in Glencoe Thistle Design
I Love You... Blue Sea Hanging Heart Plaque in Scottish Hearts Design I Love You... Tartan Hanging Heart Plaque in Scottish Hearts Design I wisnae pushed... Tartan Hanging Heart Plaque in Scottish Hearts Design

Something different this year for that St Andrew's Day gift introducing Scottish themed wooden hanging hearts.

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