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Special Days

Welcome to our Special Days calendar. We have discovered during our years on line trading that our customers love to celebrate key events in the calendar. The majority of the following events are of Celtic origin and in many cases instantly recognizable by all nationalities.

We believe that you don't have to be of Celtic origin to celebrate any of these special occasions, all it needs is a willingness to enjoy the occasion and perhaps a love and interest in the origins of the festival.


Burns Night The birthday of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet 25th Jan
St. Valentine's Day Celebrated by lovers exchanging gifts and cards 14th Feb
St. David's Day The festival of St. David, the patron saint of Wales 1st March
St. Patrick's Day The festival of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland 17th March
Mother's Day A day to pay tribute to your Mother 30th March
Australia, Canada and the USA 11th May
Easter Day A Christian festival with pagan origins, celebrated by exchanging Easter gifts 20th April
St. George's Day The festival of St. George, the patron saint of England 23rd April
Father's Day A day for giving gifts to your Father 15th June
Australia and New Zealand 7th Sept
Halloween Originally a pagan festival, also known as Samhain 31st Oct
Thanksgiving A major holiday in the USA and Canada, celebrated by a Thanksgiving meal traditionally including turkey  
Canada   8th Oct
USA   27th Nov
St. Andrew's Day The festival of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland 30th Nov
Christmas A Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated at the time of the Winter Solstice also known as Saturnalia 25th Dec
Hogmanay A major Celtic celebration still celebrated in Scotland, originally associated with the Winter Solstice to say farewell to the Old Year and welcome the New Year 31st Dec
Weddings The wedding ceremony and the exchanging of vows and promises represents a couple's eternal and everlasting love for each other. During pagan times known as a handfasting. Auspicious days for marrying are 1st May, 21st June and 31st December
Anniversaries It is traditional for the couple on the anniversary of the wedding ceremony to celebrate another year together

If you wish to be reminded of any of the above celebrations together with any special occasions in your own calendar, you can register for our Customer Event Reminder service (coming soon) which will enable you to enter your personal details together with the dates of your choice. You will then be reminded by e-mail well before the event date in time for ordering those special gifts for your friends and family. We will even mail your gift direct to any choice of address and enclose a personal message from you.

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