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Easter Day History and Celebration

Easter is a Springtime festival. At this time Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Traditionally Easter is associated with Spring and fertility. The Easter rabbit being a symbol of fertility and the Easter egg representing fertility and new life. The word Easter is believed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and Spring Eostre.

Easter in the West is a moveable feast. Easter Sunday follows the full moon on or after the Spring equinox 21st March. This year Easter is celebrated on the 31st March. In the East, Easter falls according to the Passover and is fixed. This year in the East, Easter will be celebrated on the 5th May.

Traditionally in Celtic lands this was a family day. Eggs which had been saved over Lent were now decorated and egg rolling was practised. This evolved in the 19th century to gifts of chocolate eggs.

Gift Selection

Fabulous products made in the UK by Kate Sproston Designs. Beautifully embroidered gifts and products for the home. All of which are made with care from the highest quality materials available. Spectacles cases and Table napkins make a great gifts for Easter! And they're on Special Offer

Pair of Table Napkins in Westie design Set of Four Cocktail Napkins in Rabbit design Spectacles Case in Westie Design Spectacles Case in Rabbit design

Our popular Fused Glass Trees are a colourful way to herald Springtime this Easter.

Fused Glass Spring Tree Fused Glass Summer Tree Fused Glass Autumn Tree Fused Glass Winter Tree

A lovely design for Easter is the Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose available in jewellery roll, jewellery purse, pill box purse, pocket tissue holder and the double specs case.

Jewellery Roll in Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose design Jewellery Purse in Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose design Pill Box Purse in Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose design Pocket Tissue Cover in Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose design Double Spectacles Case in Rennie Mackintosh Purple Rose design

The Forget-me-not design is available in embroidered giftware items double specs case, jewellery roll, jewellery purse, pill box purse and pocket tissue cover. Decorated with delicately embroidered flowers and the words 'forget-me-not' which convey the sentiment of the gift to remember happy times and true love. A lovely gift for many occasions including Easter.

Double specs case in Forget-me-not design Forget Me Not Jewellery roll in Forget-me-not design
Pill box purse in Forget-me-not design Pocket tissue cover in Forget-me-not design Jewellery purse in Forget-me-not design

This Easter why not give a Sea Gems pen set. A thoughtful and useful gift for those who love to write letters and keep in touch with friends and family. We have some lovely exclusive designs available.

Red Rose and Leaf Bookmark and Pen Set in Sea Gems Mackintosh Rose design Lavender Rose and Leaf Bookmark and Pen Set in Sea Gems Mackintosh Rose design
Bookmark and White Pen Set in Mackintosh Rose Teardrop Design
Cat and Medieval Rose Bookmark and Pen Set
Bookmark and Pen Set in Daffodils design

All items can be gift wrapped and sent with a personal message at no extra cost.

Highly recommended for Easter are our range of beautifully embroidered gift bags. They are ideal for giving gifts whether it's a birthday, wedding, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or just to say 'Because I love you'. The gorgeous gift bags are ideal for Easter gifts including chocolate eggs.

Favour Bag in Be Happy design Favour / Small Gift Bag in Daffodil design Favour Bag in Fairy design Favour Bag in I Love Mum design Favour Bag in I Love You design
Yellow Napkins and Coasters set in Lily Nouveau design Pill Box in Daffodils design Pocket Tissue Cover in Daffodils design Pill box purse in Daffodil design
Special Offer Special Offer
when bought together

Photograph showing Celtic Tree Of Life productsOur beautifully embroidered Celtic table runners make a lovely gift to grace the Easter dining table.

Runner in Celtic Cross design Blue Runner in Celtic Eternity Knot design Runner in Celtic Tree Of Life design
Coaster in Puffin Design High quality tea towels and coasters in striking and colourful designs make a lovely gift for Easter. Available in a selection of designs and all beautifully packaged. Tea Towel in Flower of Scotland design

Always popular at Easter are our Celtic glassware and table linen, and items from the Winged Heart range of stained glass giftware, as well as jewellery from St Justin and bookmarks from Sea Gems. The selections below make ideal Easter gifts.

Window Roundel in Winged Heart Celtic Cross design Flat Pendant in St Justin Celtic Cross design
Special Offer
Green Pill Box in Celtic Cross design Bookmark in Sea Gems Celtic Cross design
Paperweight in Collie Dog and Lambs design Paperweight in Single Blue Butterflies design Window Roundel in Doves of Peace design Cornfield Flowers Window Roundel in Poppy design
Jemima Puddleduck Static Window Cling in Beatrix Potter design Mrs Bunny and Peter in the Woods Static Window Cling in Beatrix Potter design Static Window Cling in Celtic Tree of Life design
Static Window Cling in Daffodils design
Daffodil Goblet Celtic Cross Goblet Iona Cross Goblet Canterbury Cross Goblet St Patricks Cross Goblet

D & J Glassware is one of the UK's leading suppliers of artistic glassware, with a passion for design and quality. Their Friendship glassware range for the home and garden include Friendship Oil Lamps, Friendship Wishing Drops, Friendship Celebration Bubbles, Tree of Life Glass Friendship Balls, Farmyard Friends Fused Glass Collection and Puffins Fused Glass Collection. The chicken shown here is currently on Special Offer making it a great value Easter gift.

Pink Spot Hen
New Beginnings Tree of Life Glass Friendship Ball and Stand The Friendship Tree of Life mouth blown glass balls are very popular choices with our customers. Each one contains strands of glass to represent a tree and like the trees in the forest, no two Tree of Life balls are identical. A handmade and unique perfect gift for a special person. The New Beginnings Tree of Life Glass Friendship Ball displayed to the left represents a new chapter in life and the Spring Tree of Life Glass Friendship Ball to the right represents Spring, when trees are covered in fresh green leaves. Spring Tree of Life Small Glass Friendship Ball
Friendship Glass Globe Scent Diffusers

An ideal gift for Easter is the Friendship Glass Globe Scent Diffuser. Each mouth-blown glass globe is individually made by an artisan glassblower which makes it unique.

Available in 4 gorgeous colours – amethyst, blue, green and white - and including a 200ml bottle of English-blended fragrance oil. Each globe colour has its very own fragrance oil.

All tastefully packaged in a gift presentation box, they make the perfect stylish gift for Easter.

Scent refills available to purchase separately.

Citrus and Passion Fruit scent refill Fresh Linen scent refill Box for the Friendship Glass Globe Scent Diffuser Lavender Garden scent refill Lily and Jasmine scent refill
Amethyst Wishing Drop Special Offer: this Easter give a Wishing Drop to wish your loved ones health, wealth, happiness and good luck. Supplied boxed, with a white satin ribbon and Wishing label.

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